Retail Therapy at Crows Feet Ross-on-Wye

Since first visiting Ross on Wye, before moving to the area, I have always loved the shop ‘Crows Feet’ in Ross. One lovely thing about this shop for bus users is that it is right opposite where the bus stops on Cantilupe Road. It is a great way to start your shopping trip, full of beautiful handmade and local crafts and products. 

So I was delighted to be able to chat to the owner, Julie Parker and find out more about her and the shop. 

How did the shop get started?

I actually took over Crows Feet in 2011. It was started by a couple of 50-something-year-olds called Vicky and Howard 22 years ago. They called it Crows Feet after the lines they were getting around their eyes! When I took it over, I had previously decided I wanted to have my own shop. At the time I was working at Parkers The Hardware shops (Newent and Ross-on-Wye) . It was my Fathers and I’d worked there for many years. I had also known Crows Feet as a customer for many years, in fact, I have known Vicky and Howard, since I was young. When they knew I wanted a shop and they wanted to retire, that’s how and when it all happened!

Tell us about the shop and its ethos?

I have loved researching new products over the years, from local to as far as Vietnam and India and I love little companies especially. I think it is good to know all about your products and how and where they are made. If they are handmade or support small companies or Artisans, then all the better!

What is your best seller?

I absolutely love Art and have a lot of fun carefully selecting the beautiful art cards. I think that my cards are my best seller and what Crows Feet is most known for. I have quite a range of local artists including Rhys Partridge, Mariette Voke, Claire McKnight.   Some of my favourite artists are Eric Ravillious (A wartime Artist) , Angela Harding a linocut Artist and Angie Lewin,  another lino and watercolour Artist. This is to name but a few!

Tell us more about some of your other product ranges and local companies and Artisans.

I also stock Skin care ranges by Herbfarmacy and Wild Sage & Co, both local companies. I sell St Eval Candles, my favourite candle company! White Cotton Nightdresses, Beautiful Silky Kimonos & dresses by Gabrielle Parker a British designer, though Indian Fabrics. Handmade Ceramic jewellery Made in Forest of Dean, Leather BAGS, Scarves, Lots of recycled oak gifts by the very talented and local Beamers Designs!

There is more too! …….. I am definitely a people person and a shop girl at heart. I have some lovely loyal customers and meet people from all over the world most weeks here at Ross-on-Wye. It has been a great time here running Crows Feet.

Tell us more about you, and what about days off, what do you enjoy doing then?

Days off!!! I don’t actually get many ha ha… I love my family very much, I have 3 grown up Children, 2 of my boys are still at home with me and my daughter lives locally with my  2 grandchildren and spend as much time with them and also my retired parents as I can. I have a little black cat Lola….I love music of almost any kind. We have a lot of music in the house, including  guitars , a keyboard, a violin, mainly played by my offsprings, but I love playing guitar and keyboard for fun! I love going to Theatre, good food, I love cooking for my friends, and I usually have some art project going on! I am interested in lots of subjects really.  I still have loads on my list to do too!!!!!

You’ll find Crows Feet at 1 Cantilupe Road, Ross, right opposite the bus stops. As well as all the other goodies in stock, you can pick up Daffodil Line bags, times tables and this magazine from Crows Feet, and we’d like to thank Julie for all her support.


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