About The Daffodil Line

The Daffodil Line is a ground-breaking community-led bus service. This is our story, so far.

In 2022 our local bus services were cut back dramatically. People in our area lost the option of getting around without a car.

We knew it wasn’t the future we wanted for our communities and something needed to be done.

We took our inspiration from local public transport pioneers of the past. When our communities wanted to be part of the new “railway age” back in the 1880’s local companies got together to build the “Daffodil Line” railway which carried local people between our towns and villages and took our famous wild daffodils on the first leg of their journey to market in London and Birmingham.

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Fast forward to 2022 and the Buses4Us Community Action Group was formed. Local people, councils and businesses came together to start the new Daffodil Line bus service.

We raised start-up funding, planned the route and timetable, and set fair fares so that everyone can afford to ride the bus.

Our new bus service connects our local communities and helps visitors explore our beautiful corner of the countryside
– and see our famous daffodils – without needing to use a car.

Good public transport is essential for a fairer, greener, future, and we’re proud to be a part of that.

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If everyone who lives along the Daffodil Line takes the bus just once a month we’ll never be at risk of losing this vital connection between our communities again.

So, jump on board and enjoy the ride!

People Power got the Daffodil Live started, Passenger Power will keep it going!

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Ross on Wye photo 1