Author name: Rebecca Roseff

The Market Houses of Newent, Ledbury and Ross-on-wye

When we were thinking up a name for the Daffodil Line someone suggested we might call our service the “Market House Express”. Not a bad idea as all three towns on the Daffodil Line: Newent, Ledbury and Ross are identified by their Market Houses, beautiful ‘statement’ buildings set right in the middle of town.  They were all built around 1660, what were they for?  The short answer is to show off.

Newent Wool and May Hill Sheep

I met Nell Credland, sheep breeder and knitter, with her knitting friends at the Hellens Textile Fair in July this year and was excited to buy wool locally grown to knit an Icelandic Jumper.  Some of you will know these cost upwards of £350, and many of us have wanted one ever since seeing Scandi Noir drama, where fearless and beautiful women detectives, solve impossible and awful crimes, wearing Icelandic jumpers.  

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Ross on Wye photo 1