Author name: Jack Guest

Ecology and Folklore of our Wild Daffodils

As we move from the cold and darkness of Winter into Spring, the plants, birds and animals of the countryside shall be rousing from dormancy and hibernation. This erstwhile period of reduced stimulation is essential for maintaining reserves of energy for the growth and reproduction that follows. 

History in our Hedgerows

Whether by tree surgery, forestry, hedge-laying or farmers’ flail, winter is the peak tree management season down the Daffodil Line. In England we are surrounded by a man made landscape, and our trees and hedgerows help us trace its history. 

Autumn Nature and Harvests

Buses provide a place and a means for us to chat and connect with each other and the countryside around us, and I have found that one of the other best ways of connecting with the countryside is actually by eating it!

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