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The annual Newent Art Competition, organised by Hannah Ferguson of the Secret Gallery, has been bringing together local artists and art lovers for eight years now. It’s a fabulous celebration of local creativity and colour and this year’s competition was one of the best. 

Each year artists are invited to represent a theme – this year “energy” –  in their chosen medium. Entries come from professional and aspiring artists of all ages, and come in all shapes, sizes and forms! From poems to collage, sculpture to mosaic and needle fleeting – and of course paintings – the judges’ job is not an easy one!

Prizes are awarded for winners in each age group, with “highly commended” certificates going to works which the judges feel are of special merit. 

This year’s overall winner was Adrian Lamont with his sculpture Ex Cathedra. We caught up with Adrian to find out a little more about his inspiration. 

The piece has been crafted from Tulip wood: from a tree being felled in a neighbours garden. Much of Adrian’s work is created from interesting pieces of wood “foraged” from the local area. 

Every piece of wood offers grain and features which suggest what it might become as a sculpture. The arching and branching lines of this piece are strongly reminiscent of the arches in a church or cathedral. But also of the roots and branches of the tree they once were; capturing the energy of the earth feeding strong roots and the heavens drawing the branches skywards. 

The judges appreciated the flowing energy of the lines in the piece, the craftsmanship involved and the underlying beauty of the wood. 

Though Adrian showed work at the gallery in April he is not a regular exhibitor locally, so it’s a special pleasure to be able to see his work. 

Congratulations Adrian!


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